I do many weddings at Haywood Hall, historic home and gardens! Most weddings are staged so that the bride and groom and I stand on the front steps and the guests flank the center walkway. Like in the photo of Amanda and Derek below:
When I arrived on site this morning to do a rehearsal for a wedding here tomorrow, the couple (Bret and Shan) whose wedding is today was being set up. I snapped these photos with my iPhone. I was quite taken with their creativity and wanted to share it with you--although I am not doing the honors at this wedding! I will be in Durham at the Hilton RTP for a wedding at 4:00 and back downtown Raleigh to Flanders Art Gallery for a wedding at 6:30.
The entrance from the sidewalk was decked with tree stumps topped with lanterns of different kinds and LED candles in them. A cute sign directs the couple onto the property.

The chairs and ceremony site are set up on the right side of the center walkway and faces East with the picket fence and shrubbery as a back drop. They created an altar piece out of an old window hung from a doorway with curtains across the top and down each side. The curtains were tied up but I am sure they will untie them and let them flow in the breeze for the wedding. 
They cleverly created the aisle that snakes across and through the guests and outlined with cut branches.
I really like the natural wood colored chairs to be a bit different. Most people use white. The wood looks natural and fits into their rustic theme.
At the entrance to the garden and reception area, they have hung another older window and placed the photos of their loved ones who have passed on. It does not show up in this photo but there is writing on the panes that says "Still in our hearts."
The couple's friend was busy setting up for the reception in the garden area along with caterers from Gravy. I know this is going to be good! The wedding ceremony tomorrow will be in this area rather than the front yard. The tables will be gone and the guests will sit in rows of chairs under the tent. The couple, Alecia and Vinod, and the wedding party and I will be standing outside the tent in the area to the far left where you can see the cardboard box and other stuff on the table under a magnificent old magnolia hung with paper lanterns of pink and orange. It is a multi-cultural wedding of Christian and Hindu customs. Their reception will be at Caffe Luna, just a couple of blocks down Blount Street. I hope to get it blogged next week and you will see what I mean!
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